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Men at Work

We had a busy day with private charters. We had a company do a shmooze cruise with clients that they wanted to say thanks for all the business that they give them. I like the word shmooze cruise. They chartered the boat for 4 1/2 hours, and we got to Thomas Point Light, under the Bay Bridge, almost under the 450 Bridge and back to Annapolis- all under sail! Everyone loved it.

Scaffolding work being done on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Scaffolding work being done on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

As we went under the Bay Bridge we saw the men out there working on the building the scaffolding for the Bay Bridge. What a cool sight! And then I thought what back breaking work in the heat!!  We gave them a moment of reprieve as they all waved and whistled at the women going by.

On our last sail, we had another private charter where their company had employees on both boats. They wanted to do a crew match race where our crew do most of the work. We had 15-20 knots of breeze and had them move their weight with every tack to keep the boat as flat as possible. The other boat caught up a lot on us during their down wind leg, but we still prevailed the winner. Thanks to all the help that we had from the guests aboard!!

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