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Geocaching Trail- Not available in 2021 yet

Schooner Woodwind Geocaching Adventure Trail, Annapolis

We have developed the “Schooner Woodwind Geocaching Adventure Trail” to show Girl Scouts some of Annapolis’ heritage spots as they walk around town looking for clues and coordinates. Geocaching will also help them understand navigational skills, whether they are used on a boat or on land.

This Geocaching Trail is only for guests who participate in one of our Girl Scout Cruises. The most relevant is the Sailing and Navigation Girl Scout Cruise.

Schooner Woodwind Geocaching Adventure Trail

Geocaching Adventure Trail with the Schooner Woodwind
Find our Geocache, earn the Badge!

Goal: To use their skills of Navigation with a Global Positioning Device (GPS) on a treasure hunt on a short walk in Annapolis. They will complete a “Puzzle Cache” and “Multi-Cache,” where at each new coordinate the girls will have to solve an interesting puzzle to get a hint to their next stop along the trail.

The final location will have the physical geocache container filled with trade items and maybe even a travel bug for your troop to advance into the world.

Printer Friendly VersionThe basics of navigation they will learn aboard the Schooner Woodwind will help them in understanding navigation and GPS as a global concept (pun intended). After completing this trail, JUNIORS can earn their GEOCACHER badge.

Geocaching Trail:

  • About 1.5 hours for most troops
  • It is available 7 Days a Week during daylight hours for participants of our Girl Scout Sailing Cruises.
  • This trail is NOT listed on, because we do not want the public to use this trail.
  • This is a special trail we designed for our girl scout programs.
  • Once your final payment is made, we will send you all the information that you will need for the trail

How do you prepare for this trail?

  • Read up on the GEOCACHER Activity in the JUNIOR “Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting”. Learn steps 1-3 as a troop and we’ll take care of Step 4.
  • This should not be your first attempt at geocaching. You need to be familiar with how to use your device.
  • Bring at least one GPS with you to find the coordinates. The more GPS’s the more “hands on” it will be.
    • A Smart Phone will work, we’ll send you instructions on what Apps are the easiest for your phone.
    • A handheld GPS used for hiking or camping will work fine.
    • Any Car Navigation system that can be used remotely, we’ll send you instructions on this.
  • Have the troop make or bring trade items to trade once they reach the final cache location.
  • If possible, have the troop make or find (from a previous geocaching hunt) a Travel Bug to drop in our cache. (Step 5 “Take Part in a Bug’s Travels”).

There is not a maximum or minimum number of people who can participate in the Geocaching Trail. The trail can be done at your convenience.

Call 410-263-1981, or fill out an inquiry form by clicking on the button below.

Schooner Woodwind