Our Sailing Season Re-opens April 15, 2023

Windy, Windy Day

What a terrific day we had on the water today!!

The  first sail we had a girl scout cruise along with some other public guests. They were treated to some fantastic sailing. We started with all 4 sails, and had to lower the fisherman before we tacked as we made it under the Bay Bridge. On our way back we had to lower the staysail, too. We were that overpowered.

Trimaran sailing the Chesapeake, way faster than the Woodwind
Trimaran sailing the Chesapeake, way faster than the Woodwind


On our second trip, a trimaran was out there sailing. Now we are a fast boat, but this trimaran had all their sails up and were practically flying! They passed us like we were standing still. It was amazing to see how fast they were going. I tried to get a good photo with my camera.

Our third trip was equally as great, and then our last sail was the Wednesday night racing! What a close and fun race! Great photos and play-by-play action! Click here to see all the photos and description of the race.

Wednesday Night Racing on the Schooner Woodwind
Very close racing between the Woodwinds tonight

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