2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!

Fish, Sail, Fish

Sailing the Schooner Woodwind into the Chesapeake
Steve, fishing enthusiast, tries sailing the Woodwind. I think he likes it!

The day started by a warm greeting on the dock by Steve. He admired the Woodwind for many years and was excited to finally make today the day he was going to sail on her.  He was out fishing earlier on his boat and he said it was blowing around 18 knots. He shared that it was not good for fishing, but great for sailing. So he signed up.

With only 5 people aboard, he was lucky to almost have the boat to himself. We set sail, turned the engine off and sailed. The wind had decreased to about 8-10 knots. We sailed into the middle of the Bay. He loved sailing the boat!  He said, “Why has it taken me so long to go sailing? This is great.”

The second sail (we are now only doing three sails a day), the wind picked up a couple of knots and as we are sailing around… we hear, “hello Woodwind”. There was Steve, on his fishing boat catching some fish.  Probably a perfect day for him.

On the last sail, was the last race of the Wednesday night races. Since we had an earlier start time for the cruise, we got to watch many of the fleets start. The wind almost died to nothing, but they were still able to get the racers over the starting line enough.

My tactic… start in the middle of the line, so that there is plenty of room, if the current kicks in, or the wind shifts. If you are at the either end of the starting line, you could get pushed behind the line, or over the line early, making it difficult to get back to the line. Read and watch the play-by-play on our Facebook Photo Page.

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon. You have a great crew and I appreciate them not keelhauling me for the ‘do it, then ask’ course correction! I think Rena was headed to the line locker to get the necessary ‘tools’!


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