2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!


All day, we had parties of 5+ folks sailing with their family or friends.  While boarding and underway, I asked some of these groups, “Are you all celebrating something?”  It made me happy to see the shrugs and smiles, and hear some excellent responses: “Nah, just a Sunday.”  “Hanging out with the family.”  “Um, summer?”  (followed by the unspoken facial expression ‘duh.’)  –>That kid got me pretty good

Pottsville, PA in the house...um, BOAT.
Pottsville, PA in the house…um, BOAT.

We had a racer aboard that drove in from Ontario, killing the day with the Chesapeake Bay.  He’s picking up a sail at Bacon’s tomorrow and heading back home!  Cool dude on a mission.


There was also a family stoked on Yuengling Lager, one of the local beers we serve aboard.  They enjoyed the Troegs, Heavy Seas, and Flying Dog brews too- the other beers from our watershed.





End of a good day, approaching Spa Creek aboard Woodwind II.
End of a good day, approaching Spa Creek aboard Woodwind II

This evening was the first time in a while that I took notice of the Horn Point light.  It steadily flashed it’s white light every 6 seconds.  While a guest was steering us into the harbor, I found it relaxing.  And, I also thought I would be a crazy bird if I was the osprey that lives on that shoal mark 🙂

After passing the point, some local folks aboard heard Annapolis Yacht Club’s cannon marking the sunset, right on time.

It’s good to make the most of the summer!  Thanks for a good day.





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