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Harbor Burn

Oyster Buyboats in Annapolis Harbor
Oyster Buyboats in Annapolis Harbor

When the conditions are right, on the Woodwinds we enjoy doing a ‘harbor burn’.  That’s a sail around the mooring field in Annapolis harbor under full sail: main, staysail, jib, and fisherman topsail.  This is usually followed by quick striking of all sail.  It’s fun to do, and awesome to watch other boats burn it up.  Maybe you’ve been aboard for a burn?!

This morning, while we were rigging up for the day at the mouth of Ego Alley, we were treated to a visit by the Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Association.  They had a fleet of 6 buyboats in town their 2012 Up the Bay Cruise.  It was the coolest harbor burn I’ve seen.  These are beautiful workboats.  In their heyday, buyboats were the workhorses of the Chesapeake Bay, all around workboats.

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