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Dreams Come True

Woodwind II sailing into the sunset
Woodwind II sailing into the sunset

Today was an exciting day!  The winds were beautiful and the temperature was mild. On every cruise other than the first one & sunset sail, we had a bachelorette party.  On the 1:30, we had two groups. On the 4:00, we had another one.  We made sure that the bride to be got a turn raising the sails and taking a turn at the helm.

After the 4:00 sail, a lady stayed behind to talk to me.  She introduced herself as Carolyn. And she told me a story that gave me chills. She said that she last sailed aboard the Woodwind in 2006, before she had to undergo 12 different surgeries since she has been so sick. She told me that I was her captain and I was her inspiration for getting better and pulling through. (She brought her friend from Arizona, and her friend was agreeing by a nod and a smile. )  She continued to say that all she kept telling the nurses and her family was that she wanted to sail again with Captain Jen on the Woodwind. This day came… today.  It had been eight years since she sailed again, and she was well enough today. She hugged me, and we both shared some happy tears. She promised me she would come back next month, and hopefully every month after since the cruise was special to her. I so wish I got my photo with her! Carolyn, thank you for your touching story!

Then to add to the inspirational day, a couple asked if they could sail on the delightful sunset sail. Of course, I told them to come back. they proceeded to tell me how they got engaged on the boat three years ago. And to add their first date was on the Woodwind!  They showed me a picture from back then, and I was there captain! a friend of mine was on the cruise, Michael Mc Nelly, and he took pictures as we knew this was about to happen. They sent me their pics, and I wanted to share them.

Getting engaged on the Woodwind
Before Chad proposed to Beril, 3 years ago. 2 minutes later, he proposed.
Engagement on the Woodwind
June 26, 2010 When Chad and Beril got engaged.
Chad and Beril Sailing the Woodwind
Chad and Beril, 3 years after the engagement. Sailing into the sunset on Woodwind.


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  1. I sailed on the Sophia Christina as a scout aornud the San Juans and up to Victoria. It is one of the best memories I have of that age. Amazing adventure. I’m now a scout leader and would like to take my scouts on the same adventure. Where can I go to look at availability and arrange something?


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