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Light Air Monday….

We did 4 sails today. The winds were light most of the day but we ended up getting some breeze for the sunset sail. We spent most of our time trying to get out of the Severn river.

On our 1st sail we ended up with 16 passengers and had a very nice, slow and relaxing sail.

Our 2nd sail was also light air and we had a guest captain take the wheel. Makenzie Newton and she did a splendid job.(Thanks).

Makenzie sailing the Shooner Woodwind
Makenzie sailing the Shooner Woodwind

Our 3rd sail brought Krista Martin celebrating her 18th anniversary of her 29th birthday. Congratulations Krista!!! Your friend also looked much better by the end of the trip.

Krista's Bday sail on Schooner Woodwind
Krista’s Bday sail on Schooner Woodwind

On our sunset sail we had Janet Williman(from Historic Annapolis) out to tell us all about the romantic ways of the past. Very interesting!! Thank you Janet. Overall it was a wonderful day sailing and it was a pleasure meeting everyone that came out with us today.

2 thoughts on “Light Air Monday….”

  1. I had such a beautiful time. Wonderful way to spend my birthday. Great way to spend time in Annapolis. Thanks to the crew … all pros! And, yes, my friend was feeling MUCH better by the end of the trip.

  2. We had a fabulous time and it was an absolute gorgeous day to boot. I believe you have hooked my daughter Mackenzie on sailing.

    Thanks again,

    The Newton Family


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