2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!

From Point to Point

Today we had only one trip. From 11:00 to 3:30. Normally we are only out for 2 hours so this limits us on how far we can go based on the wind. But with 4 and a half hours to play with and winds blowing from 10 to almost 20 knots at some times the world was our oyster.

Or at least this part of the Bay was. The crew was excited to do something out of the norm and the guests seemed eager to get under way.

With the winds blowing from the East south East it was a perfect direction to head for the Bay Bridge. As we approached the bridge I looked at my watch a realized we had only been sailing for 45 minutes so we ventured further down till we got to the light house at Sandy Point.

This is where we decided to make our turn. So back under the bridge and the wind started gusting to 20 knots. We decided to drop the Fisherman sail and proceed under main,stay sail and jib. The sailing was fantastic. Some of the guests came back and took turns at the helm. I guess it was my big smile that gave away how much fun we were having.

Tacking up the Eastern shore side of the Bay we sailed close to all the big ships anchored close to the shipping channel waiting to go up in to the port of Baltimore. The winds were still blowing  and we were making good speed at 7+ knots upwind(sweet). So we set a new goal for our upwind destination. Bloody Point lighthouse or bust.

Okay we busted, the wind lightened up but we did sail over to the Thomas Point light house on our way back downwind to the Annapolis Harbor.

Along the way we saw the start of the first class of boats for the Governor’s Cup Regatta.

So from Sandy Point to Thomas Point and back…..What a great day of sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.

You get the POINT?

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