2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!

Extending our Cruising Area

Schooner Woodwind sailing into the West River on a 7-hour private cruise!
Schooner Woodwind sailing into the West River on a 7-hour private cruise!

Today we had a 7 hour charter with a private company.  The weather was cool and we were able to sail to the West River.  The light air turned to a delightful close hauled and close reach on a strengthening breeze.  It was so much fun to watch our group meet our challenge to take charge of the vessel and sail past the lush green forest and small and not so small cottages that surround this beautiful area.  When we had sailed up to the end of the main channel, we tacked around and headed back to the bay in time to see the sailboats that were starting their 600 mile race to Bermuda.  The light winds that we had found had only gotten lighter and changed directions to be right on the nose.  This must have made for a frustrating first day for such a long race.  For us it was time to motor and make for the Bay Bridge.  This gave us time to show our guests Thomas Point Light at close range and see Bloody Point light and Sandy Point Light in the distance.  As we entered the Severn River, the breeze again picked up and gave us the opportunity to share the helm with our more than willing guests to tack the vessel up the Severn almost up to the second Bridge and then head back to the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel dock.  They were very impressed to handle such large vessel with such a powerful sail plan tacking in the confined but beautiful river.

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