Sailing Season is Here. Join Us for a Sail!

Crabs and Sailboat Racing… that’s what Annapolis does

Crab eating at Cantlers, sailed over by the Woodwind
Sailed by Schooner Woodwind over to Cantler’s to pick crabs

The wind was blowing and we were psyched to have a private charter book the boat for 5 hours to go to Cantler’s Crab House.  This would be my first trip to Cantler’s this season by Woodwind, which is always the best way to arrive at Cantler’s.

Our cruise had 30 guests aboard and the breeze was blowing between 10-15 knots. We made it almost under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, but there was a hole of zero wind just in front  that we wouldn’t be able to sail through.

Crabs mating at Cantler's
Crabs mating at Cantler’s Crabhouse

The group loved learning how you could “see” wind on the water, and may steered the Woodwind.  Some even were lucky enough to learn how to sail by tell tails on the jib and staysail.

We motored into Mill Creek, off of Whitehall Bay to get to Cantler’s. We checked all the osprey nests along the way to see if they had any osprey-lings (ok, chicks), and one day marker did. It was feeding time, but we didn’t get the camera out quick enough.

Getting ready to start the race, Woodwind vs Woodwind II
Getting ready to start the race, Woodwind vs Woodwind II

The guests were psyched about the all-you-can-eat crabs (and more beer, of course).  I ordered the most amazing Lump Crab topped Caprese Salad that had the most ripe tomatoes I have seen and a delicious balsamic syrup drizzled ever so slightly on the salad. Wow… so good, and so worth $15.

Before we left to take the guests back, we wandered downstairs to the crab tanks.  We found many crabs in the tanks. We asked the employee about the tanks and he told us they were for the sloughing crabs, (before they become soft shell crabs they slough their shell). And then there was one tank that was like the spring break jacuzzi (or what I imagine the spring break jacuzzi to be like) where all the crabs were getting busy.

Sunset over the Annapolis City Skyline
Sunset over the Annapolis City Skyline

Our evening ended with an attempt to race the Woodwinds on the Wednesday night race. Just before we left the docks, the race committee cancelled the races for all of the fleets due to no wind. Luckily for us, we still go out… and the wind picked up. Enough to sail out of the Severn river at just around 7 knots. Sadly, the wind died after almost an hour, the Bay was flat calm, and we motored up Back Creek to show the diversity of boats in the area.

Beautiful sunset over the city skyline delighted us all as we motored back to the dock.

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