2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!

Cleaning up the Bay

Cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay aboard Woodwind
Cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay aboard Woodwind

It was a strange day on the water. All sails except the first sail had virtually no breeze for a part of the cruise. And then all within the same cruise, the wind picked up and we were going 7.5 knots and the boat is healed over. Most of this was due to small clouds with energy in them, giving us a push of breeze. We were happy for these clouds- they gave us shade and breeze.

Cleaning up the Chesapeake
Treasure hunting and cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay

During our cruises we kept seeing “treasure”.  Treasure on the Woodwind can range from a soda can to a floating boat cushion or animal raft set free by the wind. Today we cleaned up the bay. One was a waxed cardboard box. The other was a happy birthday balloon.

Our sunset sail was a treat. 10-15 knots of breeze and a threatening storm approaching. We arrived ten minutes early back to the dock with everyone happy and still dry. Our local friend Lydia brought 5 nuns and a father from Mexico. Here’s one of the nuns at the helm!

Helming the Schooner Woodwind
First time sailing, this nun was from Mexico!

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