2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!


Sunset over the USNA Academy taken from the water

Returning on woodwind, sunset Photo by Jorge Rodriguez of Ellicott City, Maryland

Divided Sky

Schooner sail and blue sky with white clouds

We celebrated my Dad’s 70th birthday with a surprise family sail one day this past May. It was INCREDIBLE and so much fun for the entire family, ages ranging from 4-70. The patterns and textures of our entire day were epic—this image represents the patchwork of life and the expansiveness of sky and possibility at … Read more

Our Future

Black and white photograph of little one steering the helm of the schooner

My girls both had the time of their lives steering the boat this past Spring. This photo, with the American flag waiving proudly in the background, speaks to hope for the future — for our children and for our country. Photo by julie zerivitz of Owings Mills, Maryland

Beautiful Morning

Sun coming up over the calm waters and moored boats in the harbor

Photo was taken from the Woodwind after spending the night onboard. What a unique experience. Photo by Jessica Suter of Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Beware! Pirates on the Bay!

Man and two little girls steering the helm and looking out for pirates

Our family surprised my husband for his 70 birthday and we spent a fabulous afternoon! What a day it was being surrounded by our kids and grandkids as we sailed on the bay! Photo by Linda Silber of Baltimore, Maryland

Schooner Woodwind