2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!

Twin Skies

Person looking toward bay bridge on sailboat. Photo by Sherree Streety of Glen Burnie, MD

Ray Trimming the Stay

Woodwind taken from Woodwind II during a fiery sunset on June 22. Looks like a ray of the sun is reaching down to trim the staysail sheets to head up into the Woodwindy imagery. The Naval Academy Chapel dome is peeking out behind Woodwind’s stern. Photo by Randy Williams of Annapolis, MD

Mother’s Day Sail with Wind

We took the Mother’s Day sail in the afternoon when winds became more windy than expected. I joked that it was more of a Father’s Day present! Hey, it’s hard to drink bubbly when the boat is roaring! Photo by Tammi DeVan of Fairfax, VA

Schooner Woodwind