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HMS Bounty & Schooner Martha White

HMS Bounty and Schooner Martha White Sailing in Annapolis
HMS Bounty and Schooner Martha White Sailing in Annapolis

This is the first time I have ever seen a full rigged ship under full
sail.  The bounty represents what a merchant ship looked like in the around
1750 that would have been used for trans ocean navigation.  She is a full
rigged ship because she has square sails on all three masts.  The original
was purchased by the British to sail to Polynesia to bring back breadfruit
plants as an inexpensive food to feed the slaves that lived in the
Caribbean.  Captain Bligh’s crew mutiny and many escape to Pitcairn Island
and Bligh and his loyal crew are set in an open boat to sail over 3000 miles
to safety.  This ship was built for the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty”
starring Marlon Brando.

Martha White is a schooner built to represent the kind of vessels that were used for coast wise navigation around 1850.
Woodwind represents the yachts built around 1920 – 1940. The photo is not
marred by any distracting modern background. It is like being transported
back in time.  Pretty cool!

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