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Ospreys in the Severn River
Ospreys in the Severn River

Happy Father’s Day!

Many thanks to all the kids for celebrating with pops on Woodwind.  This evening, Woodwind ghosted in and out of the ever peaceful Weems Creek.  With the sun slung low, the schooner projected a tall shadow of her sails on the high banks.  Then, after a day of light and confused airs, a fantastic sea breeze kicked in about an hour before sunset.

Happy Father's Day aboard the Schooner Woodwind
Happy Father’s Day aboard the Schooner Woodwind

After passing under the Navy bridge, we had a super chill sail up the Severn- close hauled to the G5 buoy in SSW 6 knots, to tacks.  It was beautiful!  After securing lines at the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel Dock, a nice couple sitting forward hung out for a few extra minutes while the rest of the guests disembarked.  The crew witnessed a quiet, sweet moment- they got engaged!

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