2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!

Nice day on the water

All our sails today were outstanding. We started out with small amounts of people and wind and both increased as the day went on. From 6 guests and 5 knots of breeze to 30 guests and 15 knots of breeze in the evening.

On our 1st sail we had a gentleman who had just completed the Chesapeake Bay swim (4.4 miles) congratulations!

On our 2nd and 3rd sail we had passengers aboard from the Ukraine, what are the odds. On our 2nd sail we had a frequent sailor who completed her frequent sailor card and earned herself a free trip and crew t-shirt the next time she visits(congrats)!

On our 3rd sail we had a father who had just returned from Iraq out with his four children who flew here to welcome him home. to end the day we had great breeze and our historical Monday cruise with 30 guests including a couple on their honeymoon (yeah).

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