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Wednesday Night Racing

Annapolis Sunset as we sailed into the harbor!
Annapolis Sunset as we sailed into the harbor!

The light and variable breeze that we had all day strengthened to a cool 10-15 knots from the SW providing the Wednesday Night Racing fleet with a beautiful evening.  Both Woodwinds were privately chartered by one company so the competition aboard was strong.  Jen and I on both Woodwinds carefully set our strategies for a well timed start.  Unfortunately for me, I was out maneuvered by Jen and fouled her at the start.  This ultimately cost us the race because we had to do a penalty 360° turn, but provided a very exciting race for all our guests.  My crew performed flawlessly and our guests enthusiastically helped by providing proper trim.

We wisely decided to set a race course that we were able to finish within an hour’s time.   The guests on board eagerly took advantage of the offer to steer giving them a fresh insight as to why sailing is such a thrill.  Many of them were so surprised at how such small adjustments in both helm and sail trim had such a real effect on speed.  All this with a backdrop of over a hundred yachts with their colorful sails all made for a memorable evening. And a gorgeous sunset!


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