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Pleasant Living

Living aboard is a lifestyle that is relatively common around the temperate mid-Atlantic coast.  In Annapolis, there are folks that weekend on boats, some stay for a season, some for a lifetime.  It’s a good place to be, the Land of Pleasant Living is what my favorite beer proclaims!  I always look forward to staying aboard Woodwind for our Boat and Breakfast weekends.  It’s a great opportunity to share the experience with travelers and locals as well.  Last month the Huffington Post declared Annapolis and the Woodwind to be one of the world’s most stunning places to live aboard. (  Well, flattery is nothing.  Seeing is believing, experiencing is living 🙂

This weekend was Woodwind’s first Boat and Breakfast for the season.  Charlotte, Chris, Glenn, and I brought Woodwind out to share the sunset with some guests.  We made for the Bay Bridge in the evening, gybed, and were treated to some dramatic light and  a rainbow.  Our guests were popping off photographs continuously to the visual stimulation.  Here’s some of mine.  I’m just a sailor, not a photographer- I hope you enjoy them.

PJ reaching with Woodwind off of Hackett Point
Glenn and Charlotte, admiring the rain.
Glenn and Charlotte, admiring the rain.


Sean and I, mesmerized by the sun.
Sean and I, mesmerized by the sun.  Photo credit: Shannon Hibberd
Sunset over the Statehouse
Sunset over the Statehouse


PS I refuse to post pictures of rainbows.  And, of my dinner.  And, cats.  No cat pictures.  Just say no.



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