2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!

Light Winds and History….

The day started off with a good amount wind and the 1st trip was a 3 hour charter and we sailed all the way down to the Thomas Point Lighthouse.

Thomas Point Light
Thomas Point Light

It is always a treat to have the right wind direction and speed to make it down here and back, it was nice to have the extra hour to be able to show our guests this historic lighthouse.

The Annapolis Maritime Museum on 2nd street in Eastport arranges tours a couple of times a month if anyone is interested in touring the lighthouse.

There are several still on land that can be toured but Thomas Point Light is the last working screwpile lighthouse in the bay.

We snuck into Back Creek on our next sail looking for the elusive wind that died on us, we found a little.

McNasby's Oyster House
McNasby’s Oyster House

We sailed by the McNasby’s Oyster house, which is the home of the Annapolis Maritime Museum on our way into the creek. Many times when the winds die out on the bay we can find some back up in the creeks and today we were lucky.

Kids helping raise the staysail
Kids helping raise the staysail

We had lots of kids out on the boat today and Sam put them right to work raising the staysail. It is always fun. I think I touched the steering wheel for only 20 minutes during this sail because of the amount of help I had helming the boat. I did get a good nap though….just kidding!!

Monday night is always history night and tonight we had historian Heather Erst aboard. Heather spoke to us about the War of 1812 and some of the many battles that occurred in and around the Annapolis area.

Historian Heather Erst
Historian Heather Erst

Thank you Heather it is always a pleasure to have you come out with us.

Till next time ….Capt. Mickey


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