Sailing Season is Here. Join Us for a Sail!

It’s On Like Donkey Kong…

What a way to kick off the summer!  Memorial Sunday 2012.  Much love and celebration for our friends and family that gave their lives.  Be free!!
Today, Annapolis was a hive of bees and the weather was the slingshot!  This town was jumping.  Ego Alley surpassed it’s reputation as the busiest intersection within the city limits.  It was a proper parade, floating fashion show, and a Nascar pitstop for the win! Thankfully, the meteorologists forecasted inaccurately.  Outside the harbor, Woodwind II witnessed paradise on the bay: warm sun, flat water, and a breeze cooler than a cucumber.  The wind steadily came up to 20 knots.  I’m glad the sun set when it did, I think I was blinding people with my grin.  My jaw hurts.

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