And we’re sailing! Our season started in April.

Grey skies, who cares!

Most people think the perfect day is blue skies and bright sunshine.  While that is great for business, please take it from me, come sailing with us on a cloudy but windy day and there is magic.  Ask these happy people.

"A toast to sailing and beer.  What could be better?"
“A toast to sailing and beer. What could be better?”


Not only did our guests have a dramatic sky, but also, with less people, plenty of time to steer.  P1030254P1030256







Emma knows exactly where she is sailing.

Look at young Emma’s face.  She clearly is in control.  Don gave her some basic instruction and Emma took command.

Maureen from Ireland.

Maureen came all the way from Dublin Ireland to see what bay sailing is all about.  No frowns on her!

The clouds seem to be forming a window for Poseidon to look favorably down upon our fair vessel and her lovely helmsman.

Young woman with halo.
Young woman with halo.

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