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Great Breeze

We had some great winds for sailing today.

On our 11:00 sail we had a a bunch of girls from a private school do one of our girl scout programs, and they all did well and had fun sailing.

Our 4:00 sail was action packed. We double reefed the mainsail and put on the storm fore sail and were still able to use the stay sail as we cruised around the bay at 9 to 10 knots. We avoided all the rain but did see some lightning as we were coming in at the end.

Our sunset sail was even more adventurous, the winds came up more we used the reefed main and storm fore sail only. We had 2 brides to be and a birthday girl aboard as we sailed to the mouth of the Severn then turned and spent the rest of the evening up the river. We did come in a few minutes early to avoid a big thunderstorm and succeeded in disembarking all before the rains hit.

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