And we’re sailing! Our season started in April.


Woodwind II felt good today in the steady SSE 15-17kts.  It was a true autumn paradise on the Chesapeake today.  This time of year has always been my favorite time on the bay.

We had a family of 6 aboard this afternoon.  As they were boarding, I asked if they were celebrating anything.  A lady smiled, and simply replied “Life!”  They were my kind of people 🙂

Many of the folks on the boat congratulated us, and asked about Woodwind’s performance in the Great Chesapeake Schooner Race.  Thanks to everyone for their kind words, and many thanks to everyone that was rooting for Woodwind.  That means a lot to us!

If you have not heard, Woodwind finished 1st in Class A, holds line honors, and finished 1st in corrected time.  The good word of  Woodwind’s success has beat the boat home!  Captains Ken and Jen are down the bay with the boat, due back in Annapolis tomorrow afternoon.  Rena, Ellen, Sam, Danny, and I returned to Naptown on Monday, the easy way- via land yacht!  It took a lot of people and effort to accomplish that victory.  Our deck crew, dock staff, customer service, and office crew have been working hard all season. I believe they all had a big hand in making this happen.

Shannon, a friend of the Woodwind family, came sailing with us today.  She congratulated us on the race and gave us a gift that many sailors would appreciate!  Many thanks Shannon, we look forward to sharing it after the rest of the crew gets back in town.  Thanks for cheering for us!

Best tip ever!
Best tip ever!

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