And we’re sailing! Our season started in April.

Friday, 8/10 Great day!

Woodwind sails well in all conditions, but she excelled today.  For such a fast boat, Woodwind is well balanced.  That does not mean she will tolerate a poor helmsman.  Isabelle, was up for the challenge.  I held the wheel and  my young student felt my corrections, concentrating on the distant horizon.  Then I let go and like a pro, she guided the 74 foot vessel across the water at a fast 9 knots.  Nice sailing!

   Sue Steinbrook, who is a professional photographer, was kind enough to share this beautiful sunset.  Notice how the amber tones of the Douglas Fir bowsprit match the clouds.

Why I Love Annapolis Photo
Sue Steinbrook took this photo on our cruise tonight. “Why I Love Annapolis” is what she called this photo.

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