2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!

The Bay Bridge

Black and white photo from stern of schooner with Bay Bridge

The wind was so strong, we reached the bridge in little to no time at all! Photo by Gregg Anderson of York, Pennsylvania

Friend and Family Kweens Aboard

Group enjoying a birthday party on the schooner with Oriental Umbrellas

Look at my life; look at my choices. On this day of my 35th birthday I chose to indulge each of us with sun, history, laughter and the breezes off the waters of Annapolis, Maryland. Still young, but 35 gave me pause. I live in choices, including those I surround myself with. The people in … Read more

Evening Fun

The schooner under full sail half in sunlight half in darkness

Family sail for my mom’s 83rd birthday. So much fun! Photo by Karen Fones of South Riding, VA

Into the Wind

Ken K- Captain

It was the last day of the season and the last voyage of our captain. The skies were clear and the wind just right as we sailed out to the bridge, as we headed back there was calmness in the sails and everyone on board as we watched the sun start to sink into the … Read more

Inspiration from the Captain

Guest steering and captain of boat showing the way to go

As we glided down through the water the beautiful sky and surroundings were clearly pointed out by our captain. Truly taking in all the beauty around us….. Photo by Elizabeth Nagarajah of Roxbury, MA

Schooner Woodwind