2024 Sailing Season is coming! See you April 13, 2024!

Coming Home

Sunset over the USNA Academy taken from the schooner on the Bay

Sunset view coming back from the race…we lost 🙁 Photo by Mark Shellhamer of Orwigsburg, PA

Riding the the great sail.

Beautiful gold and blue sunset reflecting off of sails

We took our friend Gerry out on the sail boat. He is 84 years old. It was the best ride he had on a beautiful day. This photo was taken from my iPhone 4S. Photo by vivianna rifino of Herndon, Va

Sailing into Marital Bliss;Our Wedding Day

Couple play fighting over the steering wheel of the schooner

Husband and wife embark on their journey into married life as they celebrated their wedding day with a sail on the Schooner Woodwind… Steering towards marital bliss? Photo by Elizabeth Freund of Williamsport, PA

After the Storm

Rainbow after the storm in the harbor

Shot from the dock at Pusser’s just after our cruise was cut short by a freak storm that came in hard and left an amazing formation of clouds, sun, rainbow and lightning. Photo by Patti Parrish of Severn, MD

The Cloud

Very big dark storm cloud coming in over the Annapolis Harbor

Cloud cover that moved in with a freak storm during our cruise. An awesome site on the water. Photo by Patti Parrish of Severn, MD

Sisters at Rest

Two Woodwind Schooners side by side docked and reflecting in water

Two of the most beautiful girls on the Bay getting ready for their winters rest. Photo by Mark Bandy of Annapolis, Maryland

Schooner Woodwind