Our Sailing Season Re-opens April 15, 2023

Sunset Race

Enjoying a view of Woodwind II during our sunset cruise race! (we won!) Photo by Caitlin Brutger of St. Joseph, Mn

Navy Veteran at Helm

Korean War Navy Vet. My dad. We were married in Annapolis in 2011 and took everyone on board for a reception. My favorite pic of my dad who has since passed. Photo by Kristen Hildreth of Medina, Oh

Racing the Lynx

this was Oct 23 and kinda chilly. this pic was taken right before the Lynx tacked toward the bridge. then Woodwind II did the same and caught and passed the ship with ease! Photo by Jeff Hildreth of Cuyahoga Falls, OH

1st Anniversary

Bobby and Jen celebrating their first anniversary. The champagne was delicious. Photo by Kristen Hildreth of Medina, Ohio

Take my breath away…

My wife(a.k.a ex-girlfriend) had a sunset date in Woodwind II last September 24, 2022. The whole trip was breathtaking. Photo by Edrajel Lejarde of Germantown, MD

Schooner Woodwind