And we’re sailing! Our season started in April.

Seeing over the Steering Wheel

For Woodwind, we only had two sails today. A 3:00 and a sunset sail at 5:30. Both were public cruises. On the first sail there was a nice size birthday party, and on the sunset sail we had a Air Force retirement party of about 20 people. If course there were other guests aboard, these were two of the larger parties on the Woodwind on September 1.

Sailing the Woodwind
Click on the image to enlarge and see her photo of when she sailed five years ago.

On the 3:00 sail, we also had Madison, an eleven year old girl from Calvert County. Her mom has a Catalina 27 that she grew up sailing on . She also went to sailing camp and learned on a FJ. She was back for a return visit, five years from the last time she sailed on the Woodwind. Her mom brought a picture of her sailing the boat as a six year old.  So we just had to get a picture of her with the picture. She now can clearly see over the steering wheel, and dare I say… is taller than me, at 5-foot! Maybe the next picture in the trilogy will be her crewing on the Woodwind in five more years. Wouldn’t that be terrific?

Great Day for sailing!

Great day for sailing!

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