And we’re sailing! Our season started in April.

Bay Bridges

Sailing on Woodwind II between the Bay Bridges. Photo by Rachelle Minter of Ellicott City, MD

America is the Rainbow!

Love how the rainbow in the distance framed with our flag! What an awesome time to be in Annapolis and sailing with you! Photo by Carrie Malles of Lancaster, Pa

Summer Birthday cruise!

4 people smiling into the camera on a beautiful summer evening. Celebrating my birthday with family! Photo by Kristi Chiaravallotti of Silver Spring, MD

Set Sail Safely

Covid virus be damned! We be setting sail for the high seas! Photo by Debbie JensenGrubb of Columbia, Maryland

First time sailors

Took my parents out sailing for the first time which was also the first day of the season. Had perfect weather and a great time! Wish it had been a longer trip! Photo by Abbi Henry of Reston, VA

Schooner Woodwind