And we’re sailing! Our season started in April.


Young women peacefully watching the sunset from the schooner

This is a photo my husband took as we celebrated my 2 years of being in cancer remission. He captured what many don’t see which is peace while on the water. Often times our lives are so busy with so many things going on but being able to find that element of peace. My husband … Read more

To Ten More Years

Couple smiling while captain sailing the boat in background

Our first visit to Annapolis – quaint, scenic, and ripe with love. Photo by Haley Allison of Malvern, Pennsylvania


Schooner on a very cloudy day sailing by the Bay Bridge

Prior to the start of this years Schooner race Photo by Jay Pruss of Pasadena, Maryland

In the Bow

Bow of schooner with section of sail and boom and blue water ahead

This is from a sail on a windy, August day in celebration of my mother’s 60th birthday! Photo by Noel Soisson of New York, New York

Summer Sail

Bow of Schooner Woodwind with Annapolis Harbor Queen behind it

Waiting on the dock to set sail on the Woodwind! Photo by Noel Soisson of New York, New York


The sunset blazing from in between the sails of the schooner

Woodwind from woodwind II, sunset thru the sails. Wed evening regatta Photo by Francis Rowe of Centerville, Ga

Schooner Woodwind